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Be the light that helps others see

Hand poured soy wax scented candles to lift you up!

Get lifted!


We picked out some beautiful candles to showcase our work. Have a look and get lifted!

Our Story

Candles and scents to match your soul

You may think there is nothing special about this and there are plenty of people who do the same - and perhaps you are right, but...

...We have chosen to create an unique customised product just for you. This means selecting the colours, shape and even the therapeutic oils to match your specific needs: anxiety, meditation, yoga...

...And in line with your personality: astrological sign, character, creativity and so much more!

Why DP Scents

Candles for your soul

Check out a range of candles to match your personality.
Restitude Candle Restitude Candle

Restitude Candle

Time to Glow Candle Time to Glow Candle

Time to Glow Candle