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My name is Diana and I am an entrepreneur. 

I own a business in the beauty industry that I have been running for three and a half years, although I have been working in a client facing role for the last 9 years. I have a passion for justice, ethics and interacting with people, which led me to obtain a degree in Law.

In the meantime I have discovered a passion to inspire lifestyles. As one leads to another, I have discovered the pleasure of creating unique and customised items. Personally, I would buy almost anything if it is personalised and specifically created for me. 

That's why I created DP Scents, a beautiful soy candle brand personalised for you. You may think there is nothing special about this and there are plenty of people who do the same - and perhaps you are right. But I have chosen to create an unique customised product just for you. This means selecting the colours, shape and even the therapeutic oils to match your specific needs (anxiety, meditation, yoga) and in line with your personality (astrological sign, melancholy, creativity etc.)

So why choose DP Scents? 

Because it is a product as unique as you are, especially created for your needs, to bring light to your life and to fill your house and soul with peaceful and positive energy.